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It Is Beyond Ordinary

Gastronomic delights await at our international buffet. Savor an abundant selection of dishes from around the world expertly prepared to perfection. Enhance your dining experience with exquisite offer with Marriott Bonvoy and so much more.
 1,114 Coconut Refreshers

1,114 Coconut Refreshers

​ Quench your thirst with our tropical taste – 1,114 Coconut Refreshers once tasting an extraordinary blend of coconut and special ingredients at Goji Kitchen + Bar.

🍹Coconut Matcha

🍹Coconut Chia Seed

🍹Coconut Avocado

🍹Coconut Green Young Rice Smoothies

Grill & Chill

Grill & Chill

Dive into an irresistible grilled feast. Succulent pearl lobster, tender baby octopus, crispy calamari, flavorful cobia, and more, paired with 2 glasses of refreshing beer. Seafood bliss awaits!

🍺Meet & Meat VND1,790,000++ per set, including 2 glasses of 7 Bridges Beer

🍺See & Sea VND1,390,000++ per set, including 2 draught beers 

Bingsu Sundae

Bingsu Sundae

Cool down on a summer day with flavors that transport you, blending time-honored recipes with contemporary flair.

Channeling the Marriott brand's pioneering origins, the Hot Shoppe window at Goji Kitchen + Bar offers a tropical twist on the classic bingsu.

Only VND320,000++ per bowl with 4 options, including coconut, mango, tropical fruits, strawberry chocolate and green tea.